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Committed to the Highest Standards of Quality

Secret Flora essential oils meet the highest international standards and are certified to be 100 % pure, natural, genuine and authenticity. Our oils are sourced from trusted distillers and growers who produce essential oils of the finest quality. Each oil has been tested in laboratory using the latest Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry equipment (GC/MS) to validate their composition and purity.

  • Secret Flora Aromatherapy - Amy


    I began to use Secret Flora products since last year and have never been more happy with the results. My family's sleep have improved greatly after using the Sleep blend, sleeping more peacefully at night. I have also tried Fortune, Purify and Connect. Overall they provided me with a positive vibe, improving my emotions and giving me good energies throughout the day. My go-to essential oil for daily boost of good energy!

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  • Secret Flora Aromatherapy - Tina


    The massage oil smell is really nice! I applied it on my neck and I slept so well! I feel also less angin in my belly. Last time I always feel very bloated but now I feel so much better. Flat tummy...Hehehe

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  • Secret Flora Aromatherapy - Yusof


    Fast delivery and I also received the essential oils all nicely packed. Highly recommended.

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  • Secret Flora Aromatherapy - Eddie


    I have started using secret flora essential oils few weeks ago. I don’t know much about essential oil, but what I know is what problems I have and what problems my family members have. I normally did not sleep well, so I tried the “Sleep” essential oil. Surprisingly, even the first night, it worked. I sleep through the night, quite unlikely for me. Now, I can sleep well almost all nights! Thanks to Secret Flora!

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  • Secret Flora Aromatherapy - Jia Jung

    Jia Jung

    I have severe acne problems and I have tried different medications and remedies but they do not solve my acne problems on a long term basis, some even had after effects. Thankfully, a friend has introduced Secret Flora's Rose Water to me. I had doubts but I was wrong, the smell of the rose water keeps me relaxed and reduced the acne on my skin. And now, I keep the rose water with me wherever I go!

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  • Secret Flora Aromatherapy - Daren


    Great stuff, I was clueless about essential oil usage but now I am using it on my daily ride with a car diffuser.

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