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I have started using secret flora essential oils few weeks ago. I don’t know much about the details but good that it comes with categories by function. People like me, will not able to tell what are the substances of the essential oils and what’s the impact. What I know is what problems do I have and what problems do my family members have. I normally did not sleep well, so I tried the “Sleep” essential oil to improve my sleeping quality. Surprisingly, even the first night, it worked. I sleep through the night, quite unlikely for me. I can count by one hand how many times I can sleep through the night. Now, I can sleep well almost all nights! Thanks to Secret Flora!

Eddy Choo - Petaling Jaya

I had severe bacteria infection growth on my thigh which itches a lot due to the change in weather. I have sought both traditional and western medications which does not improve my condition until I was introduced to Secret Flora's Tea Tree and Peppermint essential oil. It does not only sooth my itch from its herbaceous property but also improved my skin condition in just months! The essential oil really does wonders as it helps the body to heal itself.

Mr. Koh - Johor Bharu

"Rose Water helps my skin to stay refreshed and hydrated!" I used to have severe acne problems ever since going through puberty and it has been an issue for me since then. I have tried different types of medication and remedies but they do not solve my acne problems on a long term basis, some may even have after effects. Thankfully, I met a friend on a vacation and she has introduced Secret Flora's Rose Water to me. I used to have doubts because I am a guy, and rose may not go well with me. But I was wrong, the smell of the rose water keeps me relaxed and it moisturizes my skin, reducing the acne on my skin. Now, I keep the floral water in my bag wherever whenever I go!

许佳俊 Koh Jia Jung - Johor Bahru

I started to use the SLEEP essential oil for my son who underwent UPSR exam this year starting August 2018. It really does wonder! My son used to having a hard time to sleep, after I started the Sleep essential oil, it calms him down and his quality of sleep improved tremendously. Later, I try on the FOCUS essential oil with my daughter. Secret Flora has extended it wonder again! The outcome is utmost pleasing with - who is able to focus on completing her homework for an extended period of time compare her usual performance. It takes longer time before her request to have a time-out! As a result, she is able to complete her homework faster and able to go to bed earlier. Now, is it no longer a question of "Would I continue using Secret Floral Essential Oil? " It will be what other Essential Oil from Secret Floral I could explore to further strengthen my personal life?

Yee Lee - Petaling Jaya